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Antwerp by Night: Restaurants

Some of our recommandations might be temporarily closed. Be sure to check out the restaurants website for more information before going there.
Rent Mel
Place type: breakfast, lunch & dinner
Prinsens gate 6

One of our top recommendation that offers great food at a reasonable price! Direct entrace from our lobby. 10% discount on lunch an dinner if you show them your keycard!

  • Walking dist: 0 min
  • Price: Low
Place type: Gourmet
Inside the Opera House

A really great place for special occasions! Fantastic scenic view, and you get to see parts of the phenomenal Opera building as well!

  • Walking dist: 5 min
  • Price: High
Place type: Seafood

Good value for money on seafood! Lots of live fish and shellfish in the restaurant! Want to experience Norwegian seafood without being completely robbed? This is the place for you!

  • Walking dist: 10 min
  • Price: Low
Place type: chef's choice 3/5 course meal
Mariboes gate

Known for being one of the places that chefs goes to eat. Moderatly priced if you consider the quality of food and service!

  • Walking dist: 10 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: asian fusion

Probably the best asian restaurant in the city. Quite expensive to be asian food, but still totally worth the money!

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: High
Place type: tapas
Søndre Gate

Mouthwateringly good tapas! Not sure what you want, but can go for a bit of everything? Head over here! But be prepared to wait for a table, but relax and enjoy a glass of cava meanwhile! One of our favorites!

  • Walking dist: 20 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: i want my beef
Thorvald Meyers Gate 78

In this really small and cozy restaurant they only do one thing; Entrecote. But like us, if you minimize the number of things you have to control, you try to excel at the things you do have!

  • Walking dist: 20 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: awardwinning gourmet
Schweigaards Gate

This world famous restaurant is just amazing. If you are lucky enough to get a table, and have the cash needed, look no further. Extremly expensive, yet totally worth it.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: High
Place type: organic food

Really nice atmosphere, and great food! A different, yet totally authentic experience!

  • Walking dist: 20 min
  • Price: Medium
Alex Sushi
Place type: sushi
Cort Adelers gate

Famous outside of Norway. One of the best sushi meals you can find in Europe!

  • Walking dist: 25 min
  • Price: High