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Antwerp by Night: Restaurants

Some of our recommandations might be temporarily closed. Be sure to check out the restaurants website for more information before going there.
Kammenstraat 12

This pet-friendly place offers a very original menu of fast food that goes perfect with their wide variety of local beers.

  • Walking dist: 12 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: RestAURANT
Kleine Koraalberg 8

Delicious Belgian cuisine, snacks and beers, with a unique LGBTIQ+ decoration and a very friendly and personalized attention.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
V Pizza
Place type: Pizza
De Keyserlei 1A

With restaurants in Los Angeles and Malmö, V Pizza arrives in the center of Antwerp offering the best premium pizzas in town, as well salads!

  • Walking dist: 3 min
  • Price: Medium
Il Pastaiolo
Place type: Italian food
Wiegstraat 18

Tasty italian food with a wide variety of dishes. The food is freshly made and has an authentic italian taste. The staff is also friendly and have a lot of knowledge about the products.

  • Walking dist: 10 min
  • Price: Medium
Restaurant Caramba
Place type: Mexican restaurant
Kaasrui 8, Antwerp, 2000

Dark, chill Mexican restaurant. The interior feels like something out of a Poe story, and the relaxing music sets the perfect atmosphere. The menu has some classic Latin drinks, and many of the dishes are classic Mexican with a modern spin. The service is excellent and the food is high quality with lots of flavors. Wonderful place for a great dinner.

  • Walking dist: 12 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: cafe-bar
Amerikalei 8, 2000 Antwerpen

Mampoko is a hip and youthful restaurant-bar. It is open daily and continuously and you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner here or simply have a drink.

  • Walking dist: 20 min
  • Price: Medium
Restaurant Ichi
Place type: asian-sushi
Italielei 177 2000 Antwerpen

Restaurant ichi is an Asian restaurant in Antwerp where you can dine unlimited à la carte for a fixed price. You can order the dishes according to your wishes. Choose from the finest dishes for an entire evening.

  • Walking dist: 5 min
  • Price: Medium
Brasserie Appelmans
Place type: Belgian kitchen
Papenstraatje 1, Antwerp, 2000

Brasserie Appelmans has been a household name in Antwerp for more than 15 years and mostly serves typical Belgian dishes in a 19th century setting. The average price for a main course is around 20 euros.

  • Walking dist: 12 min
  • Price: Medium
Del Popolo Pizza
Place type: Italian
De Keyserlei 51, Antwerp 2018 Belgium

Fresh and authentic pizza made by an Italian family. Friendly people & price quality recommended. A good place for those who love Italian cuisine at a reasonable price.

  • Walking dist: 8 min
  • Price: Low
De Burgerij
Place type: Beef & burgers
Sint Laurenskaai 8 2000

A good place for burger fanatics. "De burgerij" is located in a hip and modern neighborhood in Antwerp. The burgers are fresh and prepared with honest and fresh products.

  • Walking dist: 8 min
  • Price: Medium
Falafel Tof
Place type: Mediterranean vegan
Hoogstraat 32, Antwerp

Mediterranean cuisine that knows how to convince people with fresh products, friendly service and reasonable prices. The cuisine is based on Lebanese food. Words that describe the concept are: healthy, middle eastern and vegetarian! Definitely recommended if you want to try something new.

  • Walking dist: 12 min
  • Price: Low
Restaurant 't Hofke
Place type: traditional cuisine

In the oldest street of Antwerp, the Vlaeykensgang near the cathedral, the Grote Markt and the Groenplaats, you will find a unique oasis of peace in Antwerp, with something hidden in the bistrorant 't Hofke. A bistrorant that exudes such a nice old-fashioned and cozy atmosphere! Dark wood, beautiful brocanteries and a food and drink

  • Walking dist: 10 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: ASIAN
Nationalestraat 92, Antwerpen

OKOZ is specialized in Japanese soul cooking, the likes of Okonomiyaki, Donburi and juicy wagyu burgers, Furthermore, they channel all their passion into their plates decoration, it's both pleasing to the eye and tastebuds.

  • Walking dist: 20 min
  • Price: Medium
Fritkot Max
Place type: belgian fries
Groenplaats 12, Antwerpen, 2000

Fritkot Max is a very well-known fries or chip shop in Antwerp and also the oldest. Here you can enjoy delicious fries in an old-fashioned and authentic cone. Do you want to soak up some culture while eating? Then you walk upstairs to visit the chip shop museum. In this small museum you will find more information about the Flemish chip shop culture.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
Little Bún
Place type: vietnamise with a twist
Sint Aldegondiskaai 44, 2000, Antwerp

You’ll discover small bar bites and pho’s on the menu, all based on authentic and traditional Vietnamese street food recipes – yet made with locally sourced or grown fish, meat and vegetables. Perfect for after visiting the MAS. They have another location at Sint Jorispoort 22, 2000 too!

  • Walking dist: 17 min
  • Price: Medium
Elfde Gebod
Place type: belgian finest
Torfbrug 10, 2000 Antwerpen

Fancy typical Belgian food and beers, in what is believed to be the oldest restaurant in all Belgium? Surrounded by angel & saint statues, pulpits and several heavenly sacrilegious visual jokes, you can enjoy our delicious local Belgian cuisine as well as an enormous variety of famous beers, such as the ones of local brewery De Koninck, Palm or Affligem or Trappist beers Westmalle, St. Bernardus, Rochefort …! We recommend the beef stew!

  • Walking dist: 14 min
  • Price: Medium