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Antwerp by Day: Museums

Contemporary Arts Museum
Place type: Contemporary arts
Bankplassen 4

Contemporary art museum with temporary exhibitons of loaned works and works from its own collections. Visitors can see five permanent installations: The sculpture Shaft by Richard Serra, Per Inge Bjørlo's Inner Room V, and Ilya Kabakov's The Garbage Man: The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away, Marianne Heier's Promesse de bonheur and two gallery rooms dedicated to Louise Bourgeois.

  • Walking dist: 5 min
Nobel Peace Center
Place type: Give a pea a chance!
Brynjulf Bulls Plass

The Nobel Peace Center (Norwegian: Nobels Fredssenter) in Oslo, Norway is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize and the ideals it represents. The Center is also an arena where culture and politics merge to promote involvement, debate and reflection around topics such as war, peace and conflict resolution.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
National Museum
Place type: art, architecture and design
Universitetsgata 13

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (Norwegian: Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design) in Oslo is the national museum of art of Norway. It was established on 1 July 2003 through a merger of the Norwegian Museum of Architecture, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery of Norway, and the National Touring Exhibitions. Among its collection is one of the versions of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
Astrup Fearnley Museum
Place type: contemporary art
Strandpromenaden 2

The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art is a privately owned Contemporary Art gallery in Oslo in Norway. It was founded and opened to the public in 1993. The collection's main focus is the American appropriation artists from the 1980s, but it is currently developing towards the international contemporary art scene, with artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Matthew Barney, Tom Sachs, Doug Aitken, Olafur Eliasson and Cai Guo-Qiang. The museum gives 6-7 temporary exhibitions each year.

  • Walking dist: 20 min
The Munch Museum
Place type: scream for your life

Munch Museum (Munch-museet) is an art museum dedicated to the life and works of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. The museum was financed from the profits generated by the Oslo municipal cinemas and opened its doors in 1963 to commemorate what would have been Munch's 100th birthday. Its collection consists of works and articles by Munch, which he donated to the municipality of Oslo upon his death, and additional works donated by his sister Inger Munch, as well as various other works obtained through trades of duplicate prints, etc.

  • Walking dist: 25 min
Kon-Tiki Museum
Place type: you thought you were exploring

The Kon-Tiki Museum (Norwegian: Kon-Tiki Museet) is a museum in the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo. It houses vessels and maps from the Kon-Tiki expedition, as well as a library with about 8000 books. It was opened in a provisional building in 1949. In 1957, the current building—designed by architects F. S. Platou and Otto Torgersen—was opened.

  • Walking dist: 100 min
Fram Museum
Place type: brrr... polar exploring

The Fram Museum (Norwegian: Frammuseet) is a museum telling the story of Norwegian polar exploration. It is located on the peninsula of Bygdøy in Oslo. Fram Museum is situated in an area with several other museums, including the Kon-Tiki Museum; the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History; the Viking Ship Museum; and the Norwegian Maritime Museum. Bygdøy Royal Estate, the official summer residence of the King of Norway and historic Oscarshall are also located nearby.

  • Walking dist: 100 min
Viking Ship Museum
Place type: find your inner Viking

The Viking Ship Museum (Norwegian: Vikingskipshuset på Bygdøy) is located among the many other hotels on Bygdøy. It is part of the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo, and houses archaeological finds from "Tune", "Gokstad" (Sandefjord), "Oseberg" (Tønsberg) and the "Borre mound cemetery".

  • Walking dist: 100 min
Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
Place type: something for everyone
Kjelsåsveien 143

The museum’s objective is to demonstrate the implications of progress in science, technology, industry and medicine, socially and culturally, through the ages. The museum is an educational institution with collections, exhibitions, publications and other activities, which makes it a place of learning for visitors of all ages.

  • Walking dist: 100 min