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Antwerp by Day: Food


Some of our recommandations might be temporarily closed. Be sure to check out the restaurants website for more information before going there.
No Worries
Kribbestraat 20, 2000 Antwerpen

Cozy breakfast place focused on breakfast the whole day! Also with vegetarian and vegan options! Open from Wednesday - Friday from 10:00-17:00, and from Saturday and Sunday from 09:00-17:00!

  • Walking dist: 17 min
  • Price: Medium
Bite Me by Barnini
Place type: lunch & coffee
Oude Vaartplaats 38

Bite Me by Barnini is the third breakfast/lunch/coffee concept of the Barnini and Kaffeenini group (both also hotspots and known for the great bagels). At Bite Me you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, salads, smoothies, homemade iced tea, toasts and a nice interior.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
Caffe Mundi
Place type: breakfast, cafe
Oude Beurs 24, Antwerp 2000

If you are a coffee lover, you will certainly enjoy Caffe Mundi. If you are not so into coffee, don't worry, they also serve teas, homemade iced teas, and many more. Open from Monday-Friday from 07:30-18:00 and on weekends and holidays from 09:30-17:00!

  • Walking dist: 14 min
  • Price: Medium
Bubble Waffle Café
Place type: breakfast, cafe, lunch
Wijngaardbrug 2, Antwerp 2000

Fancy some toasts, bagels, bubble waffels and even some american pancakes? Then the Bubble Waffle Café is the place for you! Open from Thursday-Monday from 10:00-17:00 and on weekends from 09:00-18:00.

  • Walking dist: 11 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: breakfast with a view
Sint-Aldegondiskaai 64, 2000 Antwerp

At restaurant Roest you can not only eat well, but it is also incredibly beautiful to sit! The interior is very raw with many plants and you also have a view of one of the gems of Antwerp: The MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom).

  • Walking dist: 8 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: Breakfast, cafe, lunch
Wolstraat 47, Antwerp 2000

Considered a great hidden gem in Antwerp! Not only delicious breakfast, as well lunch options! Open from Thursday-Monday from 11:00-18:00!

  • Walking dist: 11 min
  • Price: Medium
Meir 24, 2000 Antwerp

Panos is a classic Belgian on-the-go coffee, pastries, and baguettes (smoskes in flemish) option! Open from Monday to Saturday from 07:00-18:30 and on Sundays from 09:00-18:30.

  • Walking dist: 10 min
  • Price: Low


Oliver's Sandwich & Salad Bar
Place type: baguettes
Korte Winlekstraat 10, 2000 Antwerpen

Belgians are crazy for their cold baguettes during lunch time! At Oliver's, you have so many options that is impossible to not find one you will like! They also have soups and baked goods to complement. Perfect for grabbing a lunch on the go! Open from Monday-Friday from 08:00-16:30

  • Walking dist: 1 min
  • Price: Low
Place type: Pizza
Van Schoonbekeplein 11, 2000 Antwerp

Otomat is a pizza place focused on sharing food and collecting moments, as well enjoying a good Belgian beer with it. Their dough is made with the same yeast as the Duvel beer! Open from Sunday-Thursday from 12:00-22:00, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00-23:00

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: Breakfast, lunch
Vleminckveld 2-4, 2000 Antwerpen

Breakfast, salads, paninis, soups, all with a great atmosphere at Cafématic! One of the most loved foodies spot in Antwerp, by locals and travelers. Open from Monday-Friday from 08:30-17:00 and on Saturdays from 09:30-17:00.

  • Walking dist: 17 min
  • Price: Low
Place type: healthy lunch
Grote Markt 52, 2000 Antwerpen

Healthy world kitchen, which means fresh, colorful, and exotic! During the day you get the best of salads, breakfast bowls, and brunch combos. It is also an incredible option during the early evening with, dinner! With three restaurants in Antwerp, the closest one is at the Grote markt. Open on Mon-Tue-Fri from 11:30-19:30 and Sat-Sun from 10:00 - 19:30.

  • Walking dist: 14 min
  • Price: Medium
Balls and Glory
Place type: lunch
Theaterplein 1, 2000 Antwerpen

Meatballs! Filled with delicious goods, from cheese to mushrooms or sauce! Followed by salad or mashed potatoes! Besides their classics on the menu, there are always seasonal dishes to enjoy the best of the season! Open from Monday-Friday from 11:30-21:00 and on weekends from 09:00-21:00.

  • Walking dist: 11 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: Chocolate
Lijnwaadmarkt 11, 2000

I'm going to tell you a little secret. Antwerp has a chocolate bar. A what? Yes. A cafe that revolves around chocolate… and especially hot chocolate. There are an incredible number of different types of chocolate milk; with whipped cream, with coffee, with marshmallows, with caramel, hazelnut, and so on. In addition, you can buy chocolates here combined with a unique story! The location is also on a beautiful square in the old part of Antwerp, well worth a visit for those who love chocolate!

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: books & bar
Scheldestraat 79, Antwerpen

Buchbar combines books with coffee (and fun gadgets such as postcards and pins). A top combination if you ask me. There is always cake and cake and there are always different lunch options.

  • Walking dist: 20 min
  • Price: Medium
Place type: Noodles & bowls
Muntstraat 4 at Muntplein.

Be sure to stop by Camino for oriental-inspired street food. Their rice bowls and dumplings are to die for. It's a casual restaurant with a patio, serving noodles, mixed dishes and other Asian food.

  • Walking dist: 15 min
  • Price: Low
Salad en Co
Place type: healthy & budget
Wiegstraat 6, Antwerp

If you have healthy ambitions, Salad en Co is a good option. Go for a nice salad or a good soup. And don't miss the smoothies. They are very large, so you can easily share one if you are on a budget.

  • Walking dist: 10 min
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